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The Wall Hanger - Saxophone Wall Stand

The Wall Hanger - Saxophone Wall Stand

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The Stand

Finally! A beautiful, sturdy wall stand for all of your saxophones. As a saxophone repairman, I know the case is a great place for your sax – but as a player, I know the hardest part of practicing can be opening that case in the first place. This stand is meant to keep your saxophone close at hand in your home or studio with equal emphasis on aesthetics and protection.  These stands are sturdy, secure, and all-wood construction meant to be passed down with the instrument. A piece with warm tones meant to compliment your home studio.

Lead times for saxophone stands are getting shorter all the time because of improvements in production. The current turn around time is around 2-3 weeks from placing your order. Bass and baritone saxophone stands are made by request only. Please reach out before purchasing to discuss availability/turnaround time.

The same elegant stands that you are familiar with, but with many advantages:

  • Clear up valuable floor space
  • Keep your instrument out of reach of pets and children
  • Still with the best grip on your instrument in the industry
  • Make a display out of your instrument, whether it is your main axe - or an heirloom intended as a full time display.
  • Excellent for stores, museums, and collections

If you're wondering where to get the safest stands for your sax - Take it from a repairman.



The Wall Hanger screws into the wall with two screws. Both screws are aligned so that they can be screwed directly into a stud, or they can be secured into drywall with the use of drywall anchors (not included)

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Super helpful and a high quality product


Got exactly what was ordered. The seller is especially friendly and interactive, and was very interested in making sure it met our expectations and that we had no trouble with it.