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Saxophone Palm Key Risers

Saxophone Palm Key Risers

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A set of 3 saxophone palm key risers in solid wood. Built for most modern horns like Yamaha and Selmer - but these are wood, so you can modify them to fit your vintage instruments as well. Side key risers are also available.

  • Small - adds around 6mm to your key height
  • Medium - adds around 8mm to your key height
  • Large - adds around 10mm to your key height

These are secured by 30 minute epoxy which provides an amazing hold, with the ability to release with heat if necessary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Robert Briggs
Rise Up High

These palm key risers are great. I ordered the high ones and they raise the keys to a height where little hand motion is needed. They are made of wood, they come in a variety of woods, and they are beautiful. They attach very easily with a little contact cement and it appears they will stay attached forever. I will definetly be ordering some more.

Steve Bagnell
Palm key risers

Just got them. They look great and will do the trick! The rubber ones keep falling off, so I can’t wait to get these on my horn!