Instructions for Wood & Winds products

This area is dedicated to instructions and print-outs for assembling your Wood & Winds products.

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Wall Stand - Alto and Tenor Saxophone

Wall Stand - Soprano, Clarinet, Trumpet

View this video for instructions on how to securely mount your peg style instrument stands

Thumb Rest

When measuring for your thumbrest you may choose a slightly oversized thumbrest. If it measures pretty close to 16.0mm, you can feel safe with choosing 16.5mm. There is a set screw that allows you to take up the slack without it feeling sloppy.

Be careful with the set screw. It is strong and can force the wood to split. This screw requires about 1/4 turn to lock the thumb rest in place.

Despite it's strength, rest assured that I use soft screws for mounting your thumbrest. Their should be no marring when the thumbrest is installed and removed.

If your octave key comes very close to your thumb rest (e.g. Conn 6M). It might be necessary to have the height of your octave key raised slightly. It is a mild alteration that might only require the adjustment of some cork. Please contact me if you are unsure about this.

Palm Key Risers

Palm key risers are currently secured to palm keys using 30 minute epoxy. I recommend asking your technician to install these because epoxy can be messy and damaging to a saxophone.

The result is extremely strong, yet removable with gentle heat. It is possible to lose some lacquer to the removal of these palm key risers.


Wood & Winds continues to pride itself on sustainability.

Shipping materials are either recyclable or are being used a second time. For example, some customers may be seeing the left over packing peanuts from a bass saxophone I recieved for a while still.

We use as much of the wood as is possible. There are small, medium, and large products at which ensures almost 100% use of the wood in the shop.