Black Walnut Saxophone Stand


As a saxophone repairman, I know the case is a great place for your sax Рbut as a player, I know the hardest part of practicing can be opening that case in the first place. This stand is meant to keep your saxophone close at hand in your home or studio with equal emphasis on aesthetics and protection.  These stands are sturdy, secure, and all-wood construction meant to be passed down with the instrument. A piece with warm tones meant to compliment your home studio.

Lead times for saxophone stands are getting shorter all the time because of improvements in production. The current turn around time is around 2-3 weeks from placing your order.

I have many more varieties of wood in the listing specifically for tenor saxophones here,  alto saxophones here, and soprano saxophones here.



This stand can be customized to accommodate any kind of sax and any number of saxophones. The base and upper yoke detach for easy separation and transportation.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 27 × 17 cm
Sax Type

Alto, Soprano, Tenor


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